About us

We are a young craft group providing interior adjustments. We supply the services needed to make a new apartment or house after reconstruction. All this by fitting luminaires, installing interior accessories, assembling furniture, cornices and much more. We solve small orders and tighten them to the end. We have knowledge of technological processes, proven manufacturers of materials and suppliers of external fabrication. We connect parts of the project to create a perfect functional unit.
The formation of the Stavomag group dates back to 2016, when I returned to Prague with experience from the UK. I brought with me knowledge from several sectors of the construction industry and household services. After a series of expierences with different suppliers and discussions with their clients, I know that success is not just a successful one-off making. It is important for a client to let into the house someone who respects their needs, consider the space as a whole and approach such an important environment as a home with sufficient consideration.

Our team


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+420 777 787 167

Martin hlava

Martin Štěrba

Project technical quidance, electrical installation
+420 608 433 089

Max hlava

Maxim Didunyk

Communications, project management
+420 777 787 167

Stavomág s.r.o.
Italská 19, 12000 Praha 2
E-mail: info@stavomag.cz
IČO: 09900101
DIČ: CZ09900101

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